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Popular Questions

Yes, if needed, we can pass you details to architects that we use on a regular basis and trust.
Your architect would submit your plans to the council and would incorporate the fees for the council in their price to you. Once plans have been passed and agreed by building control, LJ Carpentry & Building Ltd would communicate with the building inspectors right through the project until a final completion certificate is received by you.
Yes, if wanted, certain materials can be viewed and agreed before purchasing and installation.
Planning permission is required on any extension over a certain size and can differ from property to property, your architect will be able to inform you if planning permission is needed for your build. Planning permission may also need to be applied for on some other building projects including front dormers.

General Questions

How long does it take to receive a quote?

We will normally be able to get a price back to you within 2-5 days after our initial meeting.

Would you be able to give us a rough idea of when you could complete the work and how long it will take?

During Our Initial Meeting We Can Go Through Timescales Including When We Could Complete The Work And How Long It Will Take.

Get In Contact, We Will Respond As Soon As Possible.